A little while ago I chopped my hair off and got a Mohawk. Totally badass, and is definitely the best hair cut I’ve ever had.

Upon seeing my new style, a chorus of friends remarked with a mix of rebellious delight, disbelief and outright fear, “You’re so brave” and “I wish I could get my hair cut like that”.

I wish I could….

If something like changing your hairstyle paralyses you, what else are you not doing in your life because you fear how your husband, parents, friends and colleagues will perceive your choices?

The joy of growing up is that you should be able to free yourself from other people’s limiting expectations. Another friend of mine put it beautifully, “When I turned 40, I suddenly became very good at giving the middle finger”.

Want a better life?
Want to chop your hair off and dye it blue?
Want to go on holiday?
Want to feel younger?
Want to get out of an awful relationship?

Nothing happens to those who wished they could. Only to those who went out and did it.