I connect, create and empower. 

My core values are Collaboration, Authentic Creative Expression and Personal Empowerment.

My current ventures centre around The Metaverse, Future of Work, Impact Investing, Next Generation Technologies.

I both co-create and independently produce programs, events and projects  in word, sound video, music and art - both physical and digital.

In February 2022, I launched a podcast, The Metaverse With Miz based on my learnings and experience from my own NFT project, New Day Tomorrow, which combines real-life memories with AI generated art, music and digital animation. 

I am the Founder of Max Volume, a 10K strong entrepreneurial community that interacts around the pillars of connection, collaboration and creativity. Plus Founder of 40 To The Max, a community of 30,000+ women who want to live their lives to the Max with energy, confidence and style.

For the past 20 years I have brought individuals, entrepreneurs and teams together to learn, share and grow. I have presented to audiences in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Russia.

As an business owner and mother of three, I understand the roller coaster of emotions that can cloud decision-making, delay outcomes, and stop people from finding true fulfilment and happiness. And I also know how to turn it around!


Interested in finding out more about engaging Miz for your next event? 

If your organisation runs conferences, boardroom luncheons or seminars to develop and empower professional or entrepreneurial women, Miz's engaging, interactive and thought provoking style will hit the right note.


Keynote Topics

Drawing on her life's challenges and experiences, Miz takes her audience on a journey from laughter to tears to breakthroughs. The wisdom and advice Miz shares from the stage equips audiences with the confidence and tools to take action, and create the lives and businesses they deeply desire. Miz's message strikes at the core, and leaves audiences wanting more.

**NEW** The Metaverse Explained

Don't get left behind because it all sounds far too complicated. Miz will explain the evolution of blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs and Web 3 in a way that help you imagine new ways to engage with your communities and evolve for the Metaverse. 

Collaborate as Default

How making collaboration your no.1 business growth strategy will pay off in ways you have not yet considered. Miz will take the audience through the key steps to building a collaboration plan for their business.

Build a Network for Life ™

Learn how to identify, initiate and develop the relationships that will bring you success in business and in life.  This keynote can be paired with my facilitated speed networking session.

Live Your Life at Max Volume

Miz's message of Living Life to the Max with Energy, Confidence and Style resonates strongly with women aged 30-60. Her presentations to women-only audiences are powerful and life-changing.

Miz Feiler-11
Miz Feiler-12

Miz has an amazing skill to engage people through her stories and to get connected with her audience. Because of her authenticity, her sharing easily resonates to us, and her exceptional sense of humor makes our experience with her unforgettable. I was also very blessed to have worked on a collaborative event with her - Miz is also a true giver who is great to work with. It is certain that I am not the only one who has been inspired and empowered by Miz.

Kanako Mori
Image stylist and Founder, L'Atelier K

Miz lights up a room with warmth, wisdom and wit. She walks the walk of her independently crafted philosophies and techniques, and shares these professionally and personally, enabling the highest good in everyone. Intelligent, intellectual and completely in touch with current and emerging trends in business and culture. 

Rachel Pochat-Cottilloux

Miz is a powerhouse facilitator of collaborations of businesses to help everyone achieve new heights and has an infectious enthusiasm to see other’s succeed. She is an hilarious firecracker to boot!

Casie Millhouse
Digital Marketing Strategist



Miz is a advocate for women in business and a driving force for change in the industry. She is constantly pushing boundaries with her energy, and generates engaging conversations around professional empowerment. I have taken from her the confidence to succeed, as well as a discipline to lift up the women around me, so we can all achieve more.

Jasmine Tasdelen
Owner, Jazskimo Creative

audience 1

Miriam is an enthusiastic speaker who is able to share her knowledge with insight and humour. She draws on her extensive experience as an entrepreneur, coach and mentor to deliver practical and usable information. Through the work that she has done in developing and delivering bizzi, she has shown me a new way of working that fits the evolving business environment.

Pat Duckworth
International best selling author


Many amazing things can be said about Miz, all of them completely true. For me it was personal. I felt so lost after having my third child. I was not quite sure which direction to move forward in, or how to take that first step. I talked to Miz about how I was feeling as a 40 year old, with three kids, a bit overwhelmed and lacking direction. She introduced me to her blog, 40 to the Max, and gave me some great advice. She helped me find clarity and a way to move forward.

Beverly Mallach
Expert in educational support for children. 

“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.” – Melinda Gates

Miz is an inspiration to all woman by many standards. She’s a mum, an entrepreneur, a fundraiser, a community organiser, a keen supporter of women’s interests and talented motivational speaker.
Miz has encouraged me to find ways as an individual to always make an impact and that our life’s journey is unpredictable yet full of opportunity. 
She constantly instils that we all have the power to follow our interests and passions and in turn, make the world a better place.
Annette Lang

Miz was such a candid and thought provoking speaker.

I really enjoyed listening to her personal story of transformation and growth, which encouraged and enabled me to face my own questions. Miz is also very funny and really "gets" what we're all going through at this transformative time in our lives. If you haven't heard Miz speak yet, make sure you put it on your list! 

Maayan Gossat Schwartz


Contact me miz@maxvolume.com

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