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Ep 10 – Avatars, Profile Pictures and Digital Twins

By Miz Feiler | 12/03/2022 |

From 2022 onwards, we will see the steady mass adoption of people creating their digital twins and avatars. In this episode, we explore what all this means for you and your identity in the Metaverse.

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Ep 9 – Choosing an NFT Project, Discord Communities and Staying Safe

By Miz Feiler | 28/02/2022 |

This episode explores how to choose an NFT project to invest in, introduces Discord and gives you tips on how to stay safe from scammers and hackers.

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Ep 8 – Buying Your First NFT

By Miz Feiler | 21/02/2022 |

In this episode we look at what to expect when buying your first NFT, and will introduce you to terms like gas fees, miners, Proof of Work and Proof of Stake.

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Ep 7 – Art and Music NFTs and Receiving Royalties

By Miz Feiler | 16/02/2022 |

In this episode we will look at art and music NFTs and why blockchain technology empowers you as the artist with creative control and a way to receive royalties in perpetuity.

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Ep 6 – VeeFriends, Utility Tokens and Building Community

By Miz Feiler | 14/02/2022 |

In this episode we look at the catalysing NFT project, VeeFriends and how you too can embed utility in your NFT projects to unlock experiences, benefits and offers to engage your community and elevate your brand.

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Ep 5 – Different Types of NFTs – Part 1

By Miz Feiler | 11/02/2022 |

The next few episodes will be dedicated to exploring the world of NFTs and why a community experience is critical to success. Please refer to your Meet The Metaverse Guide that you can access from the Links section. I will be mentioning specific NFT projects so seeing them visually will really help. 

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Ep 4 – Web 3.0 and The Evolution of The Internet

By Miz Feiler | 08/02/2022 |

Web 3.0 is the evolution of the internet as we currently know it. Web 3.0 will be built on the blockchain, enabling the convergence of multiple technologies, transforming the way we interact online.

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Ep 3 – Introducing NFTs

By Miz Feiler | 01/02/2022 |

In this episode we look at coins and tokens and what makes some fungible and some non-fungible. Welcome to the world of NFTs.

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Ep 2 – Cryptocurrency and Setting up a Digital Wallet

By Miz Feiler | 31/01/2022 |

Introducing cryptocurrency – what it is, how to buy, how to store it and how to transact it. Plus a pep talk on embracing the digital currency economy!

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EP 1 – A History Lesson in Blockchain

By Miz Feiler | 30/01/2022 |

We take you back to the inception of Bitcoin and the blockchain and how Ethereum revolutionised blockchain technology and allowed it to scale.

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Written by Mersive
Produced by Morphingaz