Ep 2 – Cryptocurrency and Setting up a Digital Wallet

Introducing cryptocurrency – what it is, how to buy, how to store it and how to transact it.


Episode two - cryptocurrency and setting up a digital wallet. Welcome back and thanks for tuning in. A reminder that in the link section of this episode, you will get access to Max Volume's Meet The Metaverse Guide, a resource to all the companies and projects I mention throughout this podcast series. It will help you take your exploration into the Metaverse further. Let's now explore the world of cryptocurrency.

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8000 cryptocurrencies is a lot because people can create their own cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is an open source code, so it's accessible to anyone with the programming skills to use and build their own. If I wanted to create my own cryptocurrency I could, but it doesn't mean that anybody would ever buy it. So the cryptocurrencies that are, say the 15 most popular, have achieved their value through a combination of a great story, great marketing, great product, and adoption by enough people that they become one of the more popular cryptocurrency assets that have value. Certain cryptocurrencies exist as the only way you can transact within particular blockchain games and communities. So as these games and communities grow in popularity, so does the value of their currency.


Once you've successfully purchased your cryptocurrency, you need to figure out how you're going to store it because there are no banks on the blockchain. This is why digital wallets were created. A digital wallet is your own personal wallet that becomes the repository of your digital currency. When you purchase your cryptocurrency you will be looking for digital wallets that support that currency. Popular wallets are Metamask Coinbase Wallet and Ledger. The exchange where you purchased your cryptocurrency will give you the functionality to be able to transfer your cryptocurrency directly into your wallet. Metamask, Coinbase and Ledger are all apps that you can download directly to your phone and on your desktop. What Ledger offers as well is an extra level of security with their Ledger hard drive wallet. It looks like a USB stick, and you can transfer your money out of the Ledger app into your Ledger Nano harddrive.


As part of the signup process for any digital wallet, you will be presented with what's called a seed phrase. A seed phrase is a string of up to 25 randomly generated words that are unique to your wallet. So it's super important that you write down that seed phrase and keep it incredibly secure. The seed phrase is your private key, it is equivalent to a PIN number. If you lose that seed phrase, you will not be able to get access to your wallet. It's that simple. This seed phrase is your private key. But you also have a public facing key called your Wallet Address that can be given out as both a QR code or as a series of numbers. It allows people to send you cryptocurrency or tokens, and when someone gives you their wallet address, it also means that you can send them cryptocurrency or tokens. These transactions are so seamless now that people can send crypto and NFTs as gifts and as payments for jobs done. This is the new digital economy. And hopefully now with this information you feel more confident about buying cryptocurrency and setting up your digitalwallet.