Ep 6 – VeeFriends, Utility Tokens and Building Community

In this episode we look at the catalysing NFT project, VeeFriends and how you too can embed utility in your NFT projects to unlock experiences, benefits and offers to engage your community and elevate your brand.


Episode Six - VeeFriends and using utility tokens to build a community experience. Welcome back. In the last episode I started to introduce the different types of NFTs. In this episode, I want to cover utility tokens. The definition of utility is something that has function. An NFT with utility built into it means that by owning this NFT, you will get more than just the artwork of the token. A utility NFT is the door to experiences, benefits and offers.

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The lesson from all this is not that anyone can get rich with their own NFT collection. The critical takeaway from this lesson is that NFTs represent a whole new way for you to engage with your fans, followers and members and elevate your brand. You too can create your own community NFTs that have built-in perks and experiences and access to things that you might normally associate with a membership - but offered as an NFT. Almost like a golden ticket, where anyone who owns that token gets access to your offering. And without that NFT they cannot.


The NFT you create for your community is only limited by your imagination. If you view this as a new dawn, a new way for you to raise awareness and reignite engagement with your community build a whole new member experience. Take your community on this new journey with your business and your brand. Then you can start to look at it from a marketing perspective. So bringing it right back to something that's practical. You raise awareness of your brand in a whole new way. NFTs allow you to innovate and create offerings that are compelling to your existing customers. They enable you to attract a new group of followers. NFTs are here and ready for you to use them to take your company and brand to a whole new level. So start brainstorming.