A Tale about Mindset: I Believe In Fairies Now


I was speaking with a friend of mine recently, and she mentioned that she really wanted to change her mindset and learn from me what I have done to turn my outlook around, and move to more action, productivity and purpose across all areas of her own life.

The answer to my friend’s query came from an unlikely source this week: Fairies.

My daughter led me through Angel Therapy with a Fairy Oracle Card reading. This was a delightful present, given to her by my brother and his wife. The process involves asking the universe a question, shuffling the cards and choosing three cards from different parts of the pack, to deliver the answer. What started as a bit of fun to humour my daughter, became a powerful and moving experience. A tale about mindset. Here are the three cards I picked in this order:

As your heart heals of old emotional pain, you receive new blessings and love. 
Fairy 3


Turning 40 was the opportunity to turn over a new leaf emotionally. My heart suffered at different stages throughout my 30s. A new decade gave me the opportunity to shed that sadness, hurt and disappointment. It was a process of acknowledging and accepting those feelings, leaving blame behind, forgiving, scrunching up the things that made me miserable and throwing them out of my body. As soon as I did that, an emotional weight lifted. Wonderful opportunities and more happiness flooded into my life. I am now filled with gratitude for my life and I am calmer.


Your work focus is shifting in a positive, new and successful direction.


Fairy 2


Making the decision to embrace my 40s and live them to the Max, enabled me to use the moments of reflection to reassess my career choices. I dared to dream that I could build a business that would bring together everything that interested me. It took courage to say goodbye to a 15 year career in business facilitation and become a blogger. It will take great courage to evolve 40 To The Max as I add podcasting and manufacturing in the coming months, but I feel brave.


This situation calls for you to be your authentic self, which is the basis for your personal power. 


Fairy 1


It is very challenging to put aside other people’s expectations of who you should be, what you should do as a career, or how you should live your life, and make the decision to live an authentic life. Finding your calling in life shouldn’t be an ongoing, stressful struggle. You should not be spending hours reading self-help books and attending seminars to find your purpose and shift your mindset. What you should be spending time doing, is sitting quietly on your own and seeking clarity within yourself to identify what you enjoy doing and what makes you happy. Write it down. We all have talents and interests that we suppress. We suppress for a range of reasons: Fear, time, other people’s opinions of our choices, lack of confidence, lack of clarity. When we suppress, we are not being authentic. When we hide our feelings and desires from those closest to us, we are not being authentic and we cannot be free.

With these cards, the fairies delivered me three messages which helped me understand my own shift in mindset and the productivity, gratitude and success that has flowed since then.


My daughter called me urgently into my bedroom this morning. When I came in she was sitting on my bed with her head down. My first reaction, “did you get your period?”

“No, mum, don’t be ridiculous. Of course not. It is more serious than that.
Last night I was awake and dad came into my room, and I saw his big hairy arm take my tooth out of the jar and put two dollars in. I was awake, but pretended to sleep. When he left, I cried.”

It was mutiny, a major breach of protocol and a momentary lapse of judgement. What was my husband thinking? I am in charge of all tooth fairy business in our household. Our tooth fairies have names. They write messages. But I was out at an art fair. And so he just went ahead and did it. Without so much as a text. Without waiting for my daughter to go into REM sleep.
Four years of tooth fairy magic and innocence shattered.

“Will you tell your brothers?” I asked. “No”, she responded, deflated.

“I still believe in fairies, do you?”

“Yes”, my daughter responded. “Maybe just not the tooth fairy kind.”