Forty Things I am Going to Do in my 40s

Forty Things I am Going to Do in my 40s. A guide to creating your MaximaLIST.

My 2015 was a year of two parts. The first half of the year was consumed by fear, self loathing and doubt as I approached the big 4-0. However, as you well know, my faithful readers, I had a major change in mindset in the weeks leading up to my 40th . This shift from depression to celebration enabled me to see in my new decade with energy, confidence and style. Yay to Forty!

I'm Forty! My brother flew in to celebrate, making my 40th extra special!

My brother flew in to celebrate, making my 40th extra special!

A new approach and a new business, 40 TO THE MAX, put the spring back in my step. With it, came my determination to set new goals.

Let’s face the stark truth ladies: For women, our 40th decade is the bridge between feeling young and, well…menopause.

At 40, we are presented with decade “window” in which to cram a whole list of To-Dos while we still feel well, have a high sex drive, and functioning cartilage in our knees! And while I know plenty of incredible women living 50 to the max, we’ve seen our mothers go through menopause, and it ain’t pretty.

Dear Maxers, Forty is the time to take a decade-long approach, and really think about what you can do for yourself that will keep you fulfilled, inspired and happy.

It is a given that you will want to be the best partner, the best parent and the best son/daughter and sibling you can be. It is a given that you will want be generous with your time and your money.

But what are the things you have always dreamed of doing, that in so doing, will give you a deep sense of achievement and purpose? What memories do you want to make for yourself in your 40s? What experiences are you going to have?

Today, I launch MY MAXIMALIST, an interactive list of Forty Things I am Going To Do in My 40s.

This list will have it’s own dedicated section within my site. As I cross each item off the list, I will write a blog about it and record it through photos and videos.

I have dreamt big and have put it out there for the Universe to deliver. God willing, I will have good health and my family will have good health to enable me to chase these dreams and make them happen.

In today’s world, not a single one of us doesn’t realise that life is unpredictable, and in many ways out of our control. So while we can control it, we owe it to ourselves to bloody well get out there, and live a life of passion, purpose and adventure.

I am living 40 to the Max. Here is my MaximaLIST. What’s on yours? Share it in the comments below.

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