If You Peel Back My Layers, All You See is Spanx.

If You Peel Back My Layers, All You See is Spanx.

Six years ago, I walked out of hospital with my third child and my stomach never went down. Not only did it not deflate, I put on more weight. And for the past 6 years the most common question I have been asked, aside from “Are your boys twins?” (they are not, but close in age) and “Do you perm your boys’ hair (I live in Asia), is “When are you due?”.

Yep, 6 years of that. And I have lied over the years and answered giving false due dates, while lovingly stroking my lard and concealing my humiliation. Part of me wished I could just keep having babies.

The worst part of being overweight these past 6 years is that I have met hundreds of people in the course of my business and social life who most probably look at me and see me as overweight. And while I don’t think it has stopped them thinking I am dynamic, bubbly, entrepreneurial, a loyal friend and all-round awesome person, they probably think I am all these things..and overweight. Worse still, according to my BMI scales (yes, I bought some), I am actually obese. And all these people I have met over the past 6 years don’t know that I haven’t always been this way. And that really bothers me. Like in a “I can’t get out of bed, high anxiety kind of way”.

Until January this year. I visited my gynaecologist who uttered a sentence that completely transformed my approach. It wasn’t that she told me I had any particular new condition, but that the ones I did have meant that weight gain was inevitable. It was genetic, and I would just have to exercise doubly as hard and eat half as much.

Exercise doubly as hard and eat half as much.
And I am doing that. And it is working.

When I look in the mirror when I am all dressed up, hair done, makeup on, I honestly see a reflection back at me of how I used to look. I always have. I am looking forward to sharing my weight loss journey with you. So the way I see myself on the outside, and the way you see me on the outside can finally get synced.