Jeunesse: I need to RAVE about it!

I look 10 years younger thanks to Jeunesse.

In December 2015 a friend from Australia called me to tell me about a new skincare range. She told me that it was so transformative, that she knew I’d want to know all about it. It’s called Jeunesse (French for “youth”) and it is the closest thing science has come understanding anti-ageing at a cellular and genetic level.

My friend got to me at the right time.

I was 39.5 years old and hadn’t yet shifted to embracing my 40s. There was no 40 To The Max. Quite the contrary. I was totally stressed out about the impending 4-0.  I was looking in the mirror and was underwhelmed by what looked back at me. I still suffered from oily skin, and had what seemed like a permanent breakout on my forehead. I had crevices and frown lines, blotchy red patches around my nose under my eyes and crows feet were settling in around my eyes. My 30s had indeed taken their toll. Middle age seemed ominously upon me. I was in a funk.

So yeah, I wanted to try Jeunesse!

When I did my research, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive from around the globe. In 5 short years, this company was transforming the looks, health and lives of hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. And the skincare was just one element of a total Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.)  that works from the inside out and outside in. It was a resounding Y.E.S. from me!

I have been using Jeunesse’s Luminensce range since February this year. I take Reserve every day. And have seen some very positive inch loss with Zen Bodi.

Here are my comparative Before and After Photos.

Before Jeunesse

Before Jeunesse: Permanent breakouts, frown lines, uneven patchy complexion, wrinkles

After Jeunesse

After Jeunesse: I have not had a breakout. My skin is smooth and even. My frown lines and fine wrinkles have disappeared. I look younger.

Jeunesse products are developed by doctors and scientists at the cutting edge of anti-ageing. The formula is patented.

Last month I attended the Jeunesse global conference in Singapore. Over 12,000 Jeunesse distributors from around the globe we there learning and celebrating not only their individual success, but also the success of Jeunesse organisation. The company announced that on their 6th anniversary they were on the verge of becoming a $1billion dollar company.

As an entrepreneur, I could not ignore the exponential growth and future projections. As an expat, I couldn’t ignore it either. What appealed to me as an Expat, is that Jeunesse is an online business. Sales are done online. I would not have to hold stock, and should I ever need to relocate again, this business can go with me.

Hear more from our team leader, Tracy Secombe, former Miss Australia and successful physiotherapy entrepreneur, who embraced the Jeunesse opportunity after seeing her skin transform, just like I did!

Living 40 To The Max is about finding effective ways to help women and men in their 40s embrace this important decade with More Energy, More Confidence, and More Style. It is about working on yourself from the inside out and the outside in.

That is what Jeunesse as a company stands for, therefore it is completely aligned with what I want to achieve for myself and for others.

Jeunesse products work. They work for me and for the people I have met who are using the products. All I can encourage you to do is give the products a go. People using Jeunesse products are reporting that they look better, they sleep better, they feel better.

If you want to try Jeunesse products, head to my site If you have questions about the products OR want to know how you can save 40% off retail prices by becoming a wholesale customer OR want to make some additional income as a distributor, then send me as email to

Jeunesse is helping me live 40 To The Max and I couldn’t been more grateful to my dear friend Lily for sharing Jeunesse with me.