Modern Devices for the Maxer on the Go

Modern Devices for the Maxer on the Go

I had to laugh as I looked at my desk to see three devices (sex toys) charging via USB alongside my iPhone and MacAir.

My challenge: To test four devices and rate them. It was a task I took seriously. I’m worn out, but oh so happy. Here are my findings.
1. The Womanizer

Womanizer-Pro-Rose-01 (1)Womanizer-Pro-Rose-02


This is good old German engineering at its best. I have a picture in my mind of five engineers in lab coats staring at a white board trying to come up with a way to make women orgasm in the most efficient way possible. The result: The Womanizer. If you look past the name of this device, this vibrator looks super cute. The device is available in a range of colours. Mine is burgundy with a floral print trim and a white diamante (On switch). There is a + and – button that powers for manage intensity. This is a completely different type of device. The top of the device is meant to be placed directly over your clitoris and nowhere else, where a gentle sucking vibration effect goes to work like magic. It’s a device that gives you head.

Pluses: The Womanizer will give you mind blowing multiple orgasms that will have you shouting the Lord’s name in vain. This is a serious OMFG device. The device and packaging is very pretty and top notch. It comes with a second attachment that is slightly larger, as well as a USB charger.

Minuses: It is a little loud when you turn it on, but once fitted perfectly in place the sound is reduced to a gentle hum. It also works very quickly because it is so efficient! So you could find yourself having multiple orgasms in 2-3 minutes (hang on, is this a minus?!)

Did those five engineers in lab coats invent the world’s most powerful clitoral stimulator? HELL YEAH!!

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2. TwentyOne – The Vibrating Diamond

You wouldn’t normally think that a device shaped like a diamond would be comfortable or practical, but the Vibrating Diamond from bijoux indiscrets does the job. As they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! This device is for external stimulation. It isn’t large, about palm size and is light. One button controls 3 different speeds and 7 vibrating patterns. One click of the button changes the settings. Holding the button down for a few seconds switches off the device.

Pluses:The device is very discreet and not loud, which makes it a perfect travel companion. It does not look like a vibrator and is very beautiful in its design. It is chargeable via USB. If can be used on a range of angles and the tip of the diamond can be used near the clitoris for more powerful and targeted stimulation. It does what it is designed to do. The packaging of this product is luxe and it would make an excellent present.

Minuses: I found the higher vibration settings of the vibration a bit strong making it challenging to hold onto the device. But you have a variety of vibrating options to choose from.

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3. Jimmy Jane Iconic Rabbit 2

No review of vibrators would be complete without testing a rabbit! For those interior addicts among you, I would say that Jimmy Jane is to vibrators what Phillipe Starck is to design – uber cool, functional, modern minimalism. This device is exceptionally designed and it comes only in white. It is made with a thick silicon is very smooth to touch. And like all rabbits, it does so much!

Pluses: For those who like their stimulation internal and external at the same time, this is the device for you. There is a button that controls vibration as well as a button that controls the shaft. The shaft has a rotating motion. There are 7 Vibration Modes – 3 speeds, 3 pulsating patterns and 1 escalating mode, so plenty of options to move your pace up and down. Certainly this is a device that would be fun to use as a couple. If using in the dark, there is a soft glow that lights up under the buttons so you can see what you need to press. It is chargeable via USB.

Minuses: There is a lot going on with this device from a vibration view point. Lots of modes. But they are all fun to experiment with, until you find the ones that works perfectly for you.

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Always remember with silicon devices to use a water-based lube, so as not to erode the silicon and keep your device keeping you “hoppy” for many years to come!

4. Tenga

This one if for the man in your life! The man who tested this for 40 To The Max gave it the big thumbs up! “4.5 out 5” and “I’d definitely use that again”. The colourful and funky outer wrapping is removed and underneath is a white plastic device. At one end is a hygienic seal to open the device. Inside it is hollow and filled with lube. The penis is inserted into this opening and the sensation is warm and wet. At the other end if a button that when pressed provided suction within the device to create a tightness as needed. It comes in small, medium and large size.

Pluses: What I love about this is that it looks like a deodorant bottle or a sports drink. The branding is great. There is no way that this would look like a sex toy in a man’s luggage!

Minuses: This particular device is a one-use only. The TENGA FLIP Series and TENGA 3D Series are re-useable, which is perfect for the travelling husband/boyfriend who misses you and wants to get off!

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LoveLoveNotes is a female-run business. It has a huge range of devices to suit your unique requirements. So why not check out the site and find the perfect device for you. What this testing and reviewing has made me realise is that like shoes and bags, you really do want more than one type of vibrator in your cupboard!!!

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